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It seems like you’re interested in finding high CPM (Cost Per Mille) rates for your online advertising or monetization efforts. CPM rates can vary widely depending on the advertising network, your website’s niche, traffic quality, and other factors. using a Smart Link and optimizing for a 100% fill rate with top offer can be a good strategy, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Quality Traffic:

High CPM rates often depend on the quality of your website’s traffic. Advertisers are willing to pay more for audiences that are relevant and engaged. Focus on building a loyal and niche-specific audience.

Ad Placement:

The placement and format of ads can significant impact CPM rates. Experiment with different ad sizes and positions to find what works best for your audience without being too intrusive.

Ad Networks:

Consider using multiple ad networks to maximize your earnings. Different networks may offer higher CPM rates for specific niches or geographies.

Ad Quality:

Ensure that the ads displayed on your website are of high quality and relevant to your audience. This can lead to better user engagement and higher CPM rates.

A/B Testing:

Continuously test different ad formats, networks, and strategies to see what generates the highest CPM rates for your specific website.

Content Quality:

High-quality content can attract more advertisers and lead to better CPM rates. Focus on creating valuable and original content for your audience.

Audience Targeting:

Some ad networks offer advanced audience targeting options. Utilize these features to attract advertisers looking for specific demographics or interests.

Compliance and Transparency:

Ensure that your website complies with ad network policies and provides transparency to advertisers. This can build trust and lead to better rates.

Traffic Volume:

Higher traffic volumes can often lead to better CPM rates. As your website grows, you may attract more premium advertisers willing to pay more for exposure.

Ad Blockers:

Be aware of the impact of ad blockers on your CPM rates. Some users may have ad blockers enabled, which can reduce the number of impressions and earnings.

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